Our yoga classes will give you a full-body workout that will leave you feeling energized and inspired while standing in your own power.


You will connect to a community that wants to experience more in life

and be challenged to grow both on and off the mat.


Baptiste Power Yoga Indy is all about YOU. Sounds kind of weird in an “about us” section of the website, but it is true! It is about building a yoga community with YOU, that is for YOU so that YOU take action for your best life. We are Greg and Cindi Odle and are excited for YOU to become part of the Baptiste community.

You have been instructed your whole life to look outside yourself—to parents, teachers, experts and maybe even the gurus, but all you need is already within YOU. The goal here is not to go out and find yourself. It is about excavating the amazing radiant self already inside YOU. 

Baron Baptiste has studied and practiced yoga for nearly his entire life. He believes Power Yoga can be a powerful tool to help free you from what is holding you back, which is why he developed Baptiste Power Yoga. For an informative snap shot click on the YouTube video link below to hear more about Baptiste Power Yoga from Baron Baptiste himself.

We have experienced this transformation ourselves and this is why we are bringing Baptiste Power Yoga to Indianapolis. 


If you still want to really know About Us, keep reading. 

When one door closes…another one opens

It was almost 10 years ago when we packed our bags and moved from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne to be closer to Greg’s job. We were sad to leave Indy, but knew it would be better for our family to be near his work. About three years into our time there, we met Jennifer and John Wright, who were the owners of Urban Body Yoga, a Baptiste affiliate studio! The rest is history...oh how I wish it was that simple.  

Greg's Yoga Story

Jennifer invited Greg to yoga. He was a YES, showed up Monday at 6 a.m. for power yoga, and never looked back. He experienced a TOTAL body workout and a calming of the mind. Every myth he had heard about yoga was debunked. He was loving this new “workout”. It was hard, but inspiring and he kept showing up and telling everyone about it.


Cindi's Yoga Story

At that time in my life—with a traveling husband, two young boys, a part time job, and volunteer work—I didn’t “have time for yoga". It was all I could do to work-out occasionally, until I couldn't. It was the summer of 2016. I was on my way from work to pick up my son from the sitter. Before I could process what was happening, my car was flipping in the air, and I was sure I was never going to see my family again. A young driver had run a red light, at a high rate of speed, and crashed into the back passenger side of my van—I never saw him coming. I was lucky, or so I thought. I walked away with minor cuts but a major concussion. This concussion slowly showed its symptoms and became more debilitating at 6 months than during the first month after the accident. When it was clear I could not go back to work, and my traditional workouts made my symptoms return, I decided to try “this yoga” Greg was raving about. I am so thankful I did. I showed up not knowing a down dog from my own dog but listened to the instructor and watched those around me.


Sure enough, it began to work its magic on me. I kept showing up, took a beginners series, and then signed up for teacher training. I wasn't sure if I'd ever teach yoga but loved the personal development tools that were part of the Baptiste inspired Yoga Teacher Training program. To my surprise as the teacher training neared the end, I was finding purpose and joy in teaching. I realized then this practice and training was a key element in my continuing recovery—especially the training around mindset. 


Once in Indy (Carmel), I started teaching my friends in my basement, a local studio, and with one business client. I was also practicing with my friend and studio leader, Nancy Shepard. She and I attended Baptiste Institute Level One Training in Sedona, Arizona led by Baron Baptiste. It was one of the hardest, most rewarding things I have ever done, and it was there that the depth of the methodology really resonated with me. I knew we had to share this in a bigger way. 

If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

 After experiencing the depth of the Baptiste methodology including, "Be a Yes, Give up What you Must, and You are Ready Now", it became clear to me that we (Greg, I, and the rest of our teaching community) would open a Baptiste Studio in Indy—that was one year ago. Since then we have steadily been building the team, the community and searching for a place to call home. We cannot wait to see you in the studio and share Baptiste Yoga with you!  

We hope to announce a permanent location soon, until then check out our community and pop-up classes! You are welcome here!

Cindi & Greg Odle

Baptiste Power Yoga Indianapolis