Transform 40

FALL 2022


Embark on a journey of self-discovery. 
Discover where you thrive and where you hide. Discover what holds you back and what drives you to take action. Discover where you live in harmony and where you struggle. Discover where you are most vital and what is possible for you when you make the choice in each and every moment to live big. At BPYIndy, Transform 40 is just that - through asana, meditation, inquiry, mindful eating and community building, you will transform. Join in on this journey to build community, believe in possibility and take action on what matters most!

Facilitated by:
Nancy Shepard, 200RYT, Cindi Odle 200EYT, &
Kim Heger, 200RYT & certified nutrition coach

Members $99 (includes book)
Non Members $149 (includes yoga + book)



“40 days is truly life changing. There are no other words to describe it.”

"The 40 days program is more than I could have imagined.  I knew I wanted to dive deep into where I am and have been in my life but I had no idea how much I could learn & grow in just 40 days.  I continue to feel more present & grounded in my life & remain in the work.  I am forever grateful that I was introduced & invited to 40 days & to Baptiste yoga."

"The practices and techniques of Baptiste Power Yoga are Asana, Meditation and Inquiry. My experience with the 40 days program introduced me to the power to be found through these 3 practices. I first completed 40 days with the New Year of 2015, my first winter alone in Chicago. The discipline found in practicing yoga 6 days a week transformed my body like never before. Daily meditations that started with this program have become a staple to my lifestyle now, keeping me grounded through whatever challenges I face. I had never real challenges with food before, but exploring a plant based diet led me to discover new foods to eat and a whole new insight into how I feel when I am truly hungry versus just craving something. Five years and a few more 40 days transformation series, I continue to find that the habits formed and discoveries made through this program peek into my life every day." 

As part of the program, participants will receive the following:

  • Printed/Online Participant Guide & Journal

  • Weekly Group Meeting

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Weekly email/link to online content

  • Nutrition guidelines and access to certified Health Coach

  • Community and support throughout the program 

  • Direct links to Meditation podcasts for each week

  • Direct links to yoga practice for each week